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Munich Startup Neuromorphic.io raises $ 1.5M USD for Blockchain-based Neuromorphic Computing

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The Munich-based company sold over 245,000 of its NMP tokens to companies and investors in the first round of their initial coin offering (ICO). The team of 7 researchers wants to use it to finance the research of their blockchain-based neuromorphic computing chips.

With their structure and performance, neuromorphic chips can mimic the most important properties of human brains. The immense computing power that arises from this can be used for AI systems in order to carry out computing processes much faster. The startup Neuromorphic.io wants to enrich these neuromorphic computer systems with the blockchain. This makes it possible to log and understand the decisions and computing processes of AI systems. This solves the current problem of transparency and trust in AI systems and has a disruptive character for this research direction. In addition, the startup is working on a decentralized marketplace (DApp) for B2B trading of neuromorphic computing technologies. Companies can offer and buy new technologies on this marketplace and use the NMP token as a means of payment. In addition, the company is planning a decentralized supplier network for neuromorphic computing manufacturers, which enables technology companies to search for and contact the best suppliers. NMP tokens are also to be used as currency here, which is why the value could rise massively in the coming months and years. Managing Director Michael Brandt comments: “Our NMP token offers great added value for technology companies, which is why the value will increase significantly”.

Supported by the European Union

Michael Brandt

The research field Neuromorphic Computing is still very young, which is why Neuromorphic.io CEO Michael Brandt hopes for the support of the EU. Brandt: “The combination of blockchain with neuromorphic computer structures has a disruptive character, which is why we are hoping for numerous subsidies.” The company has already applied for support and has also been able to enter into numerous collaborations with large companies. These collaborations should be announced in the coming months.

More information about the startup: http://www.neuromorphic.io.

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