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Serving the Unbanked in the Bay area: Bitcoin ATM

Black Swan

There has been a paradigm shift in the way money is used, seen, and related with. One of such advances is the ground-breaking innovation called Bitcoin. It has revolutionized every sector in the world, and the Bay area is not left out. With this revolution comes the need for more advancement in the Crypto space. That is why innovations like the Bitcoin ATM have been accepted by enthusiasts and everyone, especially the unbanked.

In this article, we would tell you what a Bitcoin ATM is or what we call BATM, we would show you why you need to use a reliable Bitcoin ATM-like Black Swan Bitcoin for buying and selling your Bitcoin, and finally, what makes us special.

What is a Bitcoin ATM?

Bitcoin ATM, also referred to as BATM, can be described and a kiosk or boot that allows anyone to buy Bitcoin, and in some cases, sell Bitcoin, using an ATM – Automated Teller Machine. In the case where a BATM can be used for both buying and selling of Bitcoin for cash, we say that the BATM has bi-directional functionalities.

Don’t mistake the Bitcoin ATM for your regular ATM, although they work in similar ways. The Bitcoin ATM is connected to the internet to allow the exchange of Bitcoin for either cash that is inserted or by using your credit card. Despite the fact that most BATM looks like a regular Bank ATM, they are not in any way connected to a bank account but are connected to your Bitcoin exchange for an easy way to purchase Bitcoin.

Introducing Black Swan Bitcoin in the Bay area

The Bay area is blessed via the introduction of the latest and most innovative of all Bitcoin ATMs – Black Swan Bitcoin (BSB). With top-notch features for buying and selling Bitcoin in the Bay area, Black Swan Bitcoin has created a disruptive entrance into the BATM industry. You can be sure of great features, including instant processing of Bitcoin, security, and many more features. Let us dive into these scintillating features.

BSB Bitcoin ATM Features

1.     Instant Transactions

With BSB, you can forget about any stress that comes with waiting for your Bitcoin to hit your wallet. Our transactions are instant, immediate, and you get your Bitcoin without any upheaval.

2.     Instant Verification

Some online options take days and weeks to verify and approve your account while asking for strenuous lists of documents. With us, you create and verify your account in minutes – yes, I said minutes. There is no need for wasting before you get an account verified.

3.     Security

Everyone is usually concerned about the security of their coins. This is where our strength lies – we ensure that your Crypto is secured by not taking ownership of any of it. All you have to do is to choose your wallet and start buying and selling with Black Swan Bitcoin.

4.     Convenience

Black Swan Bitcoin offers the easiest and most comfortable way to sell and buy crypto in the Bay area. Get access to your Bitcoin in a few minutes using our BATM and get convenience alongside peace of mind. 

5.     Customer Support

Our Customer support is exquisite as we are driven only by excellence. Feel free to give us a call @ + XXX xxx or send us an email at support@Blackswanbitcoin.com.

Go to www.blackswanbitcoin.com and find the nearest BItcoin atm to purchase bitcoin.

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