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WEWE Global is an All-in-One Experience

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WEWE Global is an All in One Experience

Creating an ecosystem in the form of an application with more than 40 services for paying, do shopping, and processing transactions with cryptocurrencies: this is WEWE Global.

Facilitating life with one magical touch, inventing a new tool: this is the aspiration of the WEWE Global project.

In a functional world, each element has its place. The one of cryptocurrencies has changed often, by the control of its users. In just eleven years, the blockchain ledger has danced in a landscape as a protagonist in the revolution, and cryptocurrencies have jumped in between the anonymous money label, the money of illegality, and the money of freedom.

There are those who turn to Bitcoin as a form of “freedom of speech.” There are those who instead review their technical part in cryptocurrencies as the essential and only source of judgment. And in this innovation, there is an awareness to be implemented: cryptocurrencies are money. For some it’s the freedom, for others it’s the speed, for others it’s the privacy. All have the same problem: how can we use it, for real?

Brave companies have released their cryptocurrency payment systems. We can pay by card and convert it to bitcoin or traditional currency, albeit at a high cost. WEWE Global wanted to bring something more: an entire ecosystem in which people can use their cryptocurrencies to pay, to buy and even to go on vacation.

WEWE Global’s goal is to create a super app focused on the person using cryptocurrencies. The super app is an all-in-one experience for accessing many different services, which saves space on your phone. There’s no need for multiple apps. Users will be very loyal to an easy-to-use, frictionless, functional app that offers good services and allows for a multifaceted experience. To begin with, the rise of super apps is actively developing, especially in Asia.

The super app is described as all-in-one because it manages all the needs of a consumer in one place. This everyday app incorporates many functions and features, from chats and eCommerce, to payment services. In addition, the super app allows mobile users to use the third party merchant service without downloading separate apps.

The WEWE Global app will be the meeting point for user with multiple services. Some services and tools will be programmed by WEWE Global, while others will be proposed through partnerships. WEWE Global already provides services and products to its community from all over the world. A minimum of forty services can be found in this one app.

An individual will be able to navigate between one service and another thanks to a feature, defined as WEWE-ID, which collects information, from the history and wallet connected to a single person. Everything moves comfortably between services, without any risk of losing your credentials and time spent entering them. Everything has been added to security that only a decentralized system and blockchain ledger can provide.

WEWE Global is a large community that is united on one decentralized online platform. Its members actively promote it; the more users that are a part of it, the faster the development will be (i.e., more services and tools can be integrated). For instance, you can currently book travel services on the WEWE Global platform and WEWE Global will give you the opportunity to purchase through Travel4You, a travel provider, which offers the best pricing available on the market. Thanks to WEWE Global, you can also receive vouchers for discounts on your purchases. As tempting as it is, perhaps this is not the best time to promote this travel service because of the pandemic, but the transition to this application is in the near future.

In addition to the travel booking service, additional services will soon be available, including payment using cryptocurrencies in all in-store and online shops, thanks to automatic conversion between cryptocurrency and traditional currency. The user will pay in cryptocurrency, and the merchants will receive payment in their local currency.

The summer of 2020 will see even more innovation, not only on how we use cryptocurrencies but about how we live.

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