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B2Broker on B2Core: How to Become a Market Leader in 2021

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2021 has been an explosive 12 months for the monetary providers trade. Retail merchants are flowing into markets at unprecedented charges, and market volatility has drawn international consideration to the buying and selling house.

Quite a lot of analysts consider that these developments will solely proceed to develop. As such, brokerages, exchanges and different monetary service suppliers have been introduced with a distinctive alternative to construct their companies. The demand for retail buying and selling providers is so excessive that a variety of new gamers are trying to enter the trade.

As a end result, competitors between exchanges, brokers and different monetary service suppliers is hard, however the alternatives are huge. Therefore, creating monetary platforms that provide cutting-edge providers to end-users has by no means been extra essential.

Recently, Finance Magnates sat down with Ivan Navodnyy, the Product Manager of B2Broker’s B2Core resolution. B2Core, beforehand referred to as ‘Trader’s Room’, is a complete, turnkey service providing that enables its shoppers to open brokerage platforms in a matter of weeks.


The following is an excerpt of a webinar that passed off and has been edited for readability and size. To see and listen to the complete dialog with B2Broker’s Ivan Navodnyy, go to us on Soundcloud or Youtube. This is a sponsored piece. 

What Is B2Broker?

Ivan defined that B2Broker’s mission is to “build financial businesses” for its shoppers. “We have more than 200 employees that are continuously working on a number of different projects that are basically creating turnkey, stand-alone solutions.”

Additionally, “we have our own liquidity pool that is known as one of the deepest and best on the market. We also have our own cryptocurrency payment provider; tons of cryptocurrencies and stablecoins can be processed through that.”

B2Broker additionally presents “its own customer relationship management (CRM) tool for clients,” in addition to a money-management system. “B2Broker has many in-house products that give our clients the opportunity to take care of developing a vision of your business: we provide the software you need [to make it happen] as a ‘pack’,” or a package-based providing.

For instance, “let’s say that you want to become a broker,” Ivan stated. If you begin from scratch, “you would need to find the developers that are going to build you the trading platforms software that your end-users will be interacting with, as well as a payment processor and a CRM, and many other things,” Ivan defined.

“Your Whole Business Can Be Set up within a Matter of Weeks.”

However, hiring unbiased builders to construct an unbiased platform is an costly endeavor. “You would also need to find liquidity providers,” Ivan defined. Determining which liquidity supplier presents one of the best costs and providers suited to your enterprise is one other problem in and of itself. “Where do you take the best prices from?” Ivan requested.

“You want to be competitive,” Ivan continued. “You want your traders to feel like your platform is the best place to trade and make their money. Ultimately, that’s the most important piece.”

“There are so many other pieces that come into building your own financial business,” he defined. “That’s where B2Broker comes in, and where our clients benefit, with us, you don’t need to independently develop a trading platform. All of the software is taken care of, and all of the different aspects of the software work together seamlessly in B2Broker’s turnkey solutions.”

“You’ll be provided with the best solutions to control and monitor everything that happens on the platform,” he stated. “You don’t need to worry about the IT (information technology) side of things. You can focus on marketing and growing your business.”

Ivan additionally defined that should you have been to construct a platform independently, “you would be spending months, even a year working to build the whole financial system. However, with B2Broker’s B2Core solution, you will have access to your platform within a few days, your whole business can be set up within a matter of weeks.”

B2Core Is B2Broker’s Turnkey CRM Solution

Ivan defined that: “in a nutshell, B2Core is all about giving the end-users a space where they can control all of their activities: the onboarding of end-users is fully supported by B2Core.” The B2Core that’s obtainable on the market right now is the third model of the product.

He added that the platform is totally customizable, beginning with the registration and login screens: “our clients can choose what fields of information they want to collect from the end-users.”

“We want to make everything as customizable as possible,” he continued. Once end-users get previous the login display screen, they are going to have entry to their private ‘Dashboards’. B2Core shoppers can customise the textual content and options that their customers will see on their Dashboards.

Further, end-users have the choice to customise their dashboards: “you can move and resize the widgets on the dashboard, so that each end-user is choosing how they want to see the layout of the information on the dashboard.”

In addition, “The ‘wallets’ are fully customizable,” Ivan continued. “As a forex broker, you may want to offer only fiat, or you may wish to offer only cryptocurrency as a crypto broker, which is a trend right now,” Ivan stated. “It’s very flexible: for example, you can offer crypto wallets where clients will be able to deposit their funds and open trading accounts with cryptocurrency as well.”

Ivan added that: “B2Core also has a good amount of trading platform integrations,” together with integrations with MetaTrader and oneZero.

B2Core Has Integration Capabilities with More Than 50 Payment Processors

Moreover, B2core presents a forex conversion service. “For clients who want to offer their end-users the ability to change USD to EUR, or USD to USDC, we offer that as well. You can easily convert one currency into another.”

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Ivan acknowledged that: “B2Core has over 50 payment system integrations at the moment,” including that “the list will soon be made publicly available.”

“So, for example, if you want your payments to be processed through PayPal, it will only take a matter of five or six clicks to configure it in the Admin panel. You can choose the providers that you want the payments to go through.”

Ivan defined that by means of these cost processor integrations, “B2Core allows our clients to onboard end-users instantly…You can process payments right from the start.”

Security Is a Top Priority

Furthermore, the B2Core platform has been outfitted with complete safety features. “Of course, security is a top priority for us,” Ivan stated. “Not just in terms of end-user activities, in the admin panel, there are additional features, including anti-fraud tools.”

What does this appear to be on a sensible stage? “There is a huge section of events where you can configure a set of ‘triggers,’ so that if something is happening that is potentially dangerous for the system, it will alert the administrator.”

“For example, the system will send an administrator an email that could say something like, ‘Trader A was using the same IP address as Trader B for the past week, or Trade X was using the same withdrawal wallet as Trader Y.”

In this fashion, “the system keeps you up-to-date with what’s happening on the platform,” Ivan stated. As such, when you have a giant brokerage service with lots of of 1000’s of customers, “there is no need to have a dealing department of a thousand people monitoring your clients by hand. B2Core can automate that process.”

“It’s about the People Who Are Working behind the Scenes on b2core,”

In addition to the big selection of options that B2Core has to supply its shoppers, Ivan defined that there are a variety of different components that set B2Core aside from its competitors.

“First of all, it’s about the people who are working behind the scenes on B2Core,” Ivan stated. There is an in depth crew of builders, in addition to “quality assurance people” and the “marketing team that is in charge of notifying clients of updates.”

“It’s all about the people around, because we are excited and inspired to be doing the work that we’re doing,” he stated. “Every two weeks, we deploy new features. The ‘turnkey approach’ guides our internal operations to make B2Core as transparent, as informative, and as UX-friendly as possible.”

Ivan went on to clarify that the event crew behind B2Core has a “constant-improvement” method: “what has been released on one day will already be in discussions on how to improve it during the next day,” he stated.

A Unique, ‘Pack-Based’ Approach to Service Offerings

Ivan defined that B2Core is out there to shoppers by means of a distinctive, ‘pack-based’ method. “We have three packs: Basic, Advanced, and Enterpise,” Ivan defined.

“Basic includes all the necessary features: all the payment system integrations, the currency converter, the trading platforms, the identity verification processes, everything. This is the least expensive option,” Ivan defined.

The ‘Advanced’ Pack has the entire options that the Basic pack has with a few extra options: for instance, “you as the broker can invite your users to become ‘partners’ and earn money by inviting other traders onto the platform.” This type of associates program can tremendously reduce down on advertising prices.

“Quite a few KYC integrations” can be found in the Advanced Pack, which “allow our clients to process documents.” Further, the Enterprise pack has a distinctive set of options which might be listed on the B2Core web site.

“We Are Growing Every Day”

Ivan added that although lower than two months have handed because the starting of 2021, it has already been a massive 12 months for B2Core.

“We are growing every day, we are constantly hiring,” he stated. “There’s no stopping for us right now, right after the new year holidays, we released the B2Core mobile application under the B2Broker brand.”

“That’s a huge milestone for us because that’s another point of giving our clients a truly ‘turnkey’ solution. Now, when our clients purchase B2core, they will have access to both the desktop and mobile versions of B2Core.” This is essential as a result of “end-users are not always in front of their computers, but they still need quick access to the platform.”

Currently, B2Broker is “planning to roll out branded client mobile applications,” Ivan stated. “In a matter of weeks, we will start to give the mobile application to our existing clients as well as to our new clients.”

B2Broker has lately launched a documentation challenge. “We now have a huge back-office guide,” he stated. “Previously, our education model was centered around the relationship between the account manager and the client. Now, we are concentrated on giving our clients a tool that will allow them to find quick answers to all of their questions.” This back-office information is out there in the administration panel.

What is subsequent for B2Broker? “For 2021, we have big goals: we have reworked our product strategy, we have rebuilt our roadmaps. We are planning to make it all transparent and public so that everyone can check on where we are heading, and what we are doing. Stay tuned!”


The following is an excerpt of a webinar that passed off and has been edited for readability and size. To see and listen to the complete dialog with B2Broker’s Ivan Navodnyy, go to us on Soundcloud or Youtube. This is a sponsored piece. 

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